Sarah Ryan Architect is involved from concept design through construction. Our team of architects and drafters work closely with trusted consultants such as engineers, landscape architects, and interior designers. We have excellent relationships with the most talented and experienced builders in the region. While each project is unique, the architecture process usually adheres to the following phases.

Initial Meeting: During the initial meeting, we work to understand the project inspiration, goals and requirements. We also discuss budget, schedule, and process. We provide a proposal and contract to the client during this phase.

Concept Design: Understanding the site is the critical next step and involves our team documenting, measuring, photographing, and studying the site. From this site analysis and understanding the client’s goals we develop a concept design. The concept design stage involves multiple sketches, refinements, and several meetings with the client.

Construction Documents: Once a concept design is developed, we coordinate the construction document drawings. These drawings include building details, sections, measured floor plan and elevations and a complete coordinated drawing documents including engineering, landscape design and interior selections. If needed this phase involves variance or zoning approvals with local or state government agencies. These drawings are used to obtain a building permit and final price with the Contractor.

Construction Administration: The final phase, Construction Administration, starts when construction begins. We visit the construction site, and work with the client and contractor to answer questions and provide clarification where needed.